Publication Design
Breadline Africa Annual Review (2016)

Breadline Africa is a non-profit organization converting shipping containers into early childhood development centers, libraries and other infrastructure to improve the lives and education of children in South Africa.


Breadline Africa (BLA) wanted to refresh the look of their annual report, making the best use of their beautiful full-color images and newly reworked logo and branding. They widely circulate their annual review to their donors, supporters and partners and wanted it to be a showcase of their work in 2015-16 as well as a record of their work since 1993.



Working closely with BLA’s Acting Director, writer and project staff, I helped to structure an annual report that would highlight the most compelling aspects of BLA’s work, past and present. The report used BLA’s colorful branding and imagery to create a visually rich story of the work.  



Breadline Africa (BLA)



Graphic design

Custom graphics

Publication layout

Preparation of document for online use and professional printing


Click here to download a full version of the report.