Publication Design
Breadline Africa Annual Review (2017)

Breadline Africa is a non-profit organization converting shipping containers into early childhood development centers, libraries and other infrastructure to improve the lives and education of children in South Africa.


Breadline Africa (BLA) uses their annual report to showcase each year’s projects and impact on the children and schools they work with. Their brand is bright, fun, playful and they have a library full of beautiful high quality images to pull from to showcase their work.



Working closely with BLA’s Communications Manager, we created an annual review with a focus on the foundational impact that their containers have on their beneficiaries, or the “building blocks”. I created infographics depicting the problems and Breadline Africa’s contribution to the solution, highlighted partnerships and key projects through pull out profiles, and used colorful custom graphics to guide readers through the process of supporting Breadline. 



Breadline Africa (BLA)



Graphic design

Custom graphics

Publication layout

Preparation of document for online use and professional printing