Publication Design
Jembi Health Systems Annual Report (2017)

Jembi Health Systems is an organization that develops and supports open-source eHealth and health Information systems with throughout Africa, including implementation programs in Mozambique, South Africa, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe and innovative research.


Jembi wanted a fresh take on their annual report for the 2016-17 year, including the way they presented their financials within the report. They needed a way to cohesively present annual results from a diverse mix of regional programming, research initiatives and head-office projects.



I worked with Jembi’s Director of Corporate Services and Communications Manager to develop a concept for the report that took into account all the moving parts of the organization’s work. I suggested edits and changes to the text and structure of the content to make it more user-friendly, and designed graphics to highlight key statistics and growth metrics that were different than the usual pie and bar charts.



Jembi Health Systems



Publication design

Graphic design

Custom charts and graphics

Preparation of document for online use and professional printing


We asked Jembi staff to tell us what words and phrases embody the Jembi experience and used them to create this graphic.