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ICAP End of Project Issue Brief - Central Asia

ICAP at Columbia University is a global health leader working to improve the health of families and communities through work at all levels of the health system over 20 countries, including some of the world’s most challenging, resource-limited environments.



At the end of the first phase of ICAP’s Care and Treatment in Central Asia project, a five year, CDC-funded project, ICAP’s communications team wanted to take the opportunity to document and share two specific programmatic achievements – the improvement of HIV services through data from electronic-HIV case management systems, and better care and  treatment retention of HIV patients through home-based, nurse-led care.



Working closely with ICAP’s NY-based Senior Communications Manager and the Kazakhstan-based Country Director, I reviewed project-related reports and documents, conducted interviews with key project staff, wrote and incorporated feedback from ICAP staff into two final written documents. Maps, pull quotes, graphs and charts were also identified and indicated for use by the designers.



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