Publication Design

Research Report - SMMEs and the Green Economy

SPARK supports entrepreneurs with services that are aimed at creating strategies for growth, building learning systems that drive innovation, generating the capacity for the activation of business models that lead to sustainable economic development and personal growth.


SPARK conducted research looking into the sustainable practices of small, medium and micro manufacturing enterprises in Gauteng Province. The findings were collated into a comprehensive paper with a large amount of complex information to convey.



I designed a 60-page research report to clearly lay out SPARK’s research and contextual analysis. This included creating custom-designed figures and graphics to supplement the text and emphasize the report’s key findings.





Publication design

Graphic design

Custom graphics

Photo/image sourcing sourcing

Preparation of document for online use and professional printing


"Jennifer was able to bring parts of the report to life that might have been lost in a purely written context. She worked with us in identifying pieces that might be better represented in either an image or graphic. She really elevated the report to another level so that people not only picked it up to read but enjoyed the reading experience."

Karen Hidden, Partner, SPARK

Case studies were used to illustrate the challenges facing the green economy in South Africa and how the South African government can help to create conditions that favor greater sustainable growth in the manufacturing sector.