Publication Design
WLC Police Abuse of Sex Workers Report

The Women’s Legal Centre (WLC) is a non-profit law centre that seeks to achieve equality for women, particularly black women through impact based litigation, the provision of free legal advice, legal support to advocacy campaigns run by other organizations  and training that ensures people know and understand the impact of judgements of the courts on the subject of women’s rights.


The Women’s Legal Centre (WLC) needed a report designed that showcased the data and captured their learning from cases of reported police abuse of sex workers in South Africa. The report needed to be printed on a budget, and reflect the same branding as their other report series so as to be consistent. Any images that were used necessarily needed to reflect the sensitive subject matter of the report.


I designed a 30-page report that presented WLC’s findings in a clear and compelling way. I limited the color palette to two colors for the internal pages to reduce printing costs. I used stylized images to add interest to the report without including any faces or recognizable photos. The final product fit in with their existing reports and was well received by the client.

The Women’s Legal Centre



Page layout and design

Custom graphics and images

Preparation of document for online use and professional printing

Print management