Don’t just do the work. Tell the story.



Multiplying your organization’s impact through killer content and visuals.

Don’t just do the work.

Tell the story.

Illustrate the problem.

Show the impact.

Visualize the change.

Write the solution.

Make the connection.

Multiplying your organization’s impact through killer content and visuals.

Design-conscious help for socially-conscious organizations.

You’re here to make an impact. That sounds simple, but when it comes to explaining what your organization is all about and the work that you do to donors and supporters, you sometimes end up with a massive jumble of text that doesn’t make anyone engage with your content. And to make change, you need to make them engage.

Words that speak your audience’s language, laid out to catch their eye: that’s impact. And it’s what I do.

I’m the rare beast who thinks in both words and images. I’ll take your tangle of words and images and turn them into a thing of beauty.

You’ve got change to make. How can I help?


I  can write from scratch, taking your ideas and know-how and making them come to life.

Or I can take your content and proof, edit, restructure, or rewrite it to give it more punch.


You give me a raw document that’s just words, image and basic (if any) layout.

I give it a polished layout and beautiful graphics so readers will actually engage with the content.


You need to get your key messages across in a way that’s meaningful, concise, and easy on the eyes but need help to get it out into the world.

Let’s do it.

Recent work.

Happy clients.

"Jennifer is an essential part of the Impact Consulting team – she adds huge value to the products I deliver to my clients. She is able to quickly grasp the complex, layered content that we deal with, and she works closely and quickly with me to present complexity and large amounts of information back in a graphical way that is beautiful to look at and easy to digest. Jennifer saves me vast amounts of precious time – she delivers graphics and lay-out that is professional and clever and in a fraction of the time that it would have taken me to make something horrible! She always delivers, and is also very accommodating of insane timeframes. I could not do without her!"

Jerushah Rangasami

Director, Impact Consulting

"The products Jennifer developed for us are immensely valuable and are used on a regular basis. They’ve given our key stakeholders as well as the general public a better understanding of who we are, what we do, and why we do it."

Jonnea Smith

Director, Corporate Services, Jembi Health Systems

"Jennifer really helped simplify the content through her designs, and always went the extra mile. Communication was great - she was always clear on what could and could not be achieved within timeframes and when we were asking a lot, she continued to deliver. Jennifer has been a pleasure to work with."

Helen Chorlton,

PATA Senior Programme Manager, C3 Programme

"Jennifer bridged the distance between New York City and Cape Town seamlessly. Working remotely together was a project manager’s dream come true.”

Catharine Bufalino

Senior Commincations Manager, ICAP at Columbia University

"Jennifer's strong knowledge of the development sector together with her talent for words and design made the complex project of pulling together our first annual review much less strenuous that was anticipated."

Rhonwyn Cornell

Program Manager, Jembi Health Systems

"As a writer, working with Jennifer is a true pleasure - she has a real talent for making content understandable and visually appealing to audiences. Her extensive background in the development sector allows her to understand the content in a way that most designers just cannot bring to the table. Most importantly, her commitment and sense of humor made working together fun and positive, even with difficult deadlines and goals. I look forward to more opportunities to work together!"

Cynthia Rayner

Writer, Lecturer and Course Convener

"Working with Jennifer is always such a delight. She’s highly professional and always thinks beyond the brief in order to deliver what we want and more. She always delivers, goes to the trouble of researching each of our project areas prior to designing and it feels like nothing is too much to ask. She always helps us make our written work come to life."

Karen Hidden

Partner, SPARK

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