Digging for gold: how to mine data and information to add value to your writing


Chances are, when you are writing about your organisation’s work you focus on the words, and maybe photographs, to tell your story. Another important element that can add value to your writing and engage your readers is carefully mined data presented as visually engaging, synthesised information.

When you start to represent information visually, you infuse your writing with an additional element that may catch a skimmer’s eye and draw them further into the text. At worst, adding visual elements to your text can provide a summary of key points that someone only flipping through your report can follow to understand the story. 

In my article at askinyathelo.org.za, the resource portal for Inyathelo: The South African Institute for Advancement, I share tips on finding, presenting and contextualizing data and using graphics to add value to your writing.



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